Wednesday, March 14, 2012


photo by Elke Rohn
Strawberry plants are what I want to acquire next for the balcony garden. I love strawberries! I question the character of people who don't like strawberries unless they're allergic to them. The thought of starting with seeds was considered but I think I may be a bit late in the season to do it that way so I'm going to start with plants. While doing my research, I came across an excellent website about strawberries, Strawberry Plants. This is a great resource about strawberries, growing them, and where you may find/buy certain types to grow in your own garden.

I didn't realize there are a great variety of strawberries to be had. There are even white strawberries! They come in different sizes and shapes. The only thing I seem to notice is there aren't a discernible difference in taste between strawberries. Almost all say they are sweet but what kind of sweet? How are they sweet? Are they flavorful? The strawberries seem to be described if they are firm, or hardy winter growers, or if they have runners, how bountiful they are, and if they are resistant to diseases.

photo by swirus71
The other thing I noticed is that most of the websites that sell strawberry plants sell them in large quantities for a price. They seem to sell 25 plants per price, which is a bargain but then again, I don't have space to grow 25 of the same kind of strawberries. Plus, I want to grow a variety of strawberries. I eventually did find a website, The Strawberry Store, that sold individual strawberry plants as opposed to bulk purchases. There are seven varieties I want to grow. Two varieties are white. I'm just so curious about white strawberries and how they taste compared with the red ones.

But first, I will need to find containers to grow them in...

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