Sunday, March 11, 2012

spring garden.

I know it's not officially spring yet but with the mild winter we've been having and the unseasonably warm temperatures we've been experiencing has thrown plant life out of synch. It's been reported that cherry blossoms are early this year. The green market at Union Square are selling flowers and plants that are normally not available until later in the season. The colors and sweet fragrance of blooms and sprouting herbs are intoxicating and sparks the imagination of sowing the balcony garden I've fantasized about.

This past weekend, I was busy with a starter garden for the balcony. TH has a balcony, which we haven't really taken advantaged of but I think this year, we may spend more time out there? Or at least, the garden will give us a reason to spend more time out on the balcony.

I replanted a couple of perennials in a new planter. I wasn't able to fit them all but hopefully what I was able to plant to be a nice arrangement; white hyacinths and purple crocuses. I also got some cool colored irises and a lavender plant. I also planted seeds in an incubator. With some luck, we may have some tomatoes and a bunch of herbs (basils, coriander, lavender, sage, rosemary, and thyme) to harvest in the summer.

There are still more things I'd like to grow in our balcony garden like strawberries, more flowers, and maybe bamboo. But I'm pleased that the garden has initiated.




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