Sunday, March 25, 2012

balcony update: week 3

peach blossom

The balcony now has a dwarf peach tree, which I bought at the green market in Union Square. It was the right size for the balcony. There are pink buds that are at the brink of blossoming. Lugging it back wasn't fun but I got a good work out on my arms for the effort. I've also added a dwarf burning bush, which promises to show gorgeous red leaves in late spring.

The watering can arrived. It's beautiful! TH liked my choice, too. I've already showered the plants with water.

The strawberry plants from The Strawberry Store were delivered as expected via USPS. They were carefully packed in the box. I had also picked up a couple of strawberry plants at Home Depot last weekend. They're doing well. And the strawberry jar planters arrived the next day.


strawberry flowers

The hyacinths have all bloomed and the balcony has a lovely sweet fragrance. The crocus and iris bulbs are doing well and photosynthesizing.

pink hyacinth

white hyacinth

I've begun to transplant the sprouted seedlings to larger pots so they can grow bigger and develop their roots.

This is merely the beginning of the balcony garden. There's still lots more to do and more plants to add. Spring is going to be busy. Hopefully, with all the effort, the summer and fall will be pretty and bountiful. Stay tuned!

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