Monday, March 11, 2013

strawberry plants: year 2

The strawberry plants are still alive and are getting ready to sprout forth new leaves. I noticed one of the plants continued to produce berries even through winter. It was dried by the time I found it when I was clearing the plants of its dried leaves. Then again, the winter was pretty mild but good to know that one of them can still produce.

I also found annoying tiny black aphids hiding out on the underside of some leaves and definitely on the stems. Fortunately, I spotted them and did my best to spray the plants with a neem oil based repellent to kill and prevent their return. Will make sure to spray again next week.

We have two strawberry planters on the balcony. One of the strawberry planters was attacked by a pigeon, at least that is what TH told me. I also noticed the pigeon poop around the damaged planter. As TH explained, the pigeon was pecking the planter and bits of the glazing came off. He further added that the pigeon didn't seem right like maybe he flew into something and got screwed in the head as a result. It would explain the pigeon's odd behavior of attacking the planter. This particular strawberry planter contained the pink galore strawberries.

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