Monday, June 4, 2012

p is for...

I was skeptical about Pinterest at first. When I decided to join, I was hooked! Pinterest may be a social media tool but i use it as a way to collect and organize interesting tidbits of information I find on the internet and in everyday life that i want to reference back to. And because it is a social media tool, you have the option to share your findings with like minded people, as well as come upon something that may be of interest to me.

Pinterest has been a great resource for my cooking and gardening endeavors. I've come upon so many great tips of how to care for the garden like using spect coffee grounds. Recently, I cooked a baked potato to soft and fluffy perfection! Even TH was impressed by this particular cooking instruction for the baked potato.

There are people who don't "get" Pinterest, and that's okay. Pinterest isn't for everybody. It's not really about conversational exchanges though there are those who comment and respond and get a dialog going. For the most part, it's about collecting and sharing interesting finds.

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