Tuesday, April 3, 2012

two trees and a bush

three trees

I am pleased with the developments of the balcony garden, which is home to a dwarf peach tree, a Japanese red lace leaf maple tree, and a burning bush. When I first brought home the peach tree, the branches were studded with pink buds.Those buds have since bloomed and they look lovely!


The leaves of the burning bush have sprouted. This bush promises to be quite a show stopper. The bush starts out green but eventually turns into a fiery red that is sure to wow eyes! I'm looking forward to the foliage of this bush!

burning bush

I am most pleased with the Tamukeyama, a Japanese lace leaf maple with deep, rich red to purple leaves. In the fall, the leaves burst into a bright scarlet. I've always admired the red leaf Japanese maple trees with it's pretty star shaped leaves; it was a must have for the balcony.


The sizes of these plants are ideal especially with the limited space of the balcony, and perfect for growing in containers. Looking forward to the foliage growing out and seeing these trees and bush at their fullest. Stay tuned!

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