Thursday, April 12, 2012

crocuses next spring

The crocuses I bought and planted have long been spent and are currently just chilling out in the planter soaking up the sun's rays. They are storing up as much energy to bloom again next spring. The bulbs are popping out of the dirt and I can see where the bulbs can be further divided for even more crocuses to plant next year.

crocus bulbs

While doing research on perennial bulbs, I read that I can remove them after at least 8 weeks (late April, early May), cut back the leaves if they haven't died back on their own, and store them in a cool dark place before planting them in the fall for blooms in the spring. I can't wait to gather them up and divide them. Looking at the planter with spent flowers is kinda depressing. And it seems like a waste when I can plant something else in the planter. I have other bulbs/bare roots that could be planted.

Having the crocuses was a great start to spring and my foray into balcony gardening. I'm looking forward to next spring when the crocuses bloom again.

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