Sunday, April 29, 2012

galore pink strawberries

I recently bought two paks of strawberry plants from Binder Farm in Union Square. These strawberry plants produce berries called Galore Pink. Unlike the other strawberry plants I bought from the Strawberry Store, the blossoms from the Galore Pink are pink! I thought this was pretty novel as thought it would be nice to grow these.

galore pink strawberry plants

Because they are grown in paks, planting them in the strawberry jar planter was easy. The root balls of each plant were small enough to fit into each pocket.

This particular breed of strawberries seems to be produced by a company called Ball Horticultural Company. They seem to produce new varieties of plants into the market. You can learn more about Ball by clicking here.

galore pink strawberry plants

They're happy in their new home and already producing some strawberries. More blossoms are also on the way. I can't wait to taste these guys!

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