Thursday, April 18, 2013

the return of comfrey

I bought a comfrey plant last year because I read that they make great fertilizer for plants. Their leaves break down faster than most other plants because they absorb lots of nutritious minerals from the soil. Of course, due to the excitement of learning about the comfrey plant and the benefits it offers to a garden, I failed to realize that the comfrey plant is more beneficial when planted in the ground where it's deep roots can absorb the minerals plants love.

The comfrey plant is mostly a leafy plant with coarse hairs that can prick if not careful when handling. It also produces pretty pink flowers. The comfrey plant is also a perennial. The leafy parts die back on its own. I planted mine in a Root Pouch planter and when it died back, there were almost no signs of the comfrey except for a few dried stems. It looked like a pot with just soil. We watered the comfrey plant even though it looked like there was nothing to water.

About three weeks ago, I noticed tiny green shoots though I wasn't certain. It was my first time with a comfrey plant and didn't know what to expect. Last week, the leaves grew a bit more and surfaced above the soil. I was very happy to see the comfrey return.


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